Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Does the microbiome play a part in the development of Alzheimer's symptoms? Would almost be necessary to have an encyclopedia of existing micro-biomes, and then look for a tie
Spent the best part of the day at Seattle Radiologists, all different. Checked into a big padded chair, they fixed an IV for me, used for immediate blood draw, CT scan contrast, and 560cc of saline, which took a total of 4 hours. Nice folks at the place, and didn't have to take my clothes off.  No problem for me either way, but is that the direction of retail medicine? IV placement not a bother either, except they are always a bother.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I may not find any work, retirement is too comfortable.  I would like to get some Apps in the market, something like the 'AminoView', but mostly life is exercise and seeing everyone happy.
.... and I've found this belongs to medicine.now.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

End of Summer 2013 - Seattle

The summer, 2013, so sunny so long.  Perfect year to retire.  Now, I have to get a "resume web-page" put together.  Just discovered that WebGL is supported on Safari, opens up a large world.  The iOS-app is moving along (held up to install a video system) slowly, but will have audio and video memos in many comment fields. Learning POVray, enrolled in a Stanford crypto class through coursera.com, enjoy it. Thinking now about having various sub-heads (e.g. "nutrition") in the app be independently shareable (share "medicines" only with a particular care-giver, but "nutrition" (especially recipes) shared with a community).  Need search function, integration with Google calendars.

Now on to a new part of the world, finishing up my meds with an injection.

The first Coordinated-Medicine icon (fell out of POVray)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is lovely - these posts seem to have found a quiet part of the inet. Working from a vm/linux, I've got adobe on yum, but no sound connected out yet -

Saturday, May 1, 2010

TestNG - Downloading

TestNG - Downloading
Had a blog once called fatheralongtheway.blogspot.google.com
wonder what happened to it.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Space of Melodies - a Music Theory

From a waiting room Time magazine, I found out about the work of Prof Dmitri Tymoczko http://music.princeton.edu/, Princeton University. He asserts a few things (we always end up studying music from 1700-1900), then goes on to present an ordering in a perhaps multi-dimensional space termed "Chordspaces". A very pleasant software task there, provides downloads of his presentation engine. He has captured a few Chopin melodies, displayed here http://music.princeton.edu/~dmitri/chopin2.mov - I'll learn how to post mov's one of these days.